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Today is Sunday, June 02, 2013. Today I thank God for my husband, my children, my friends, and my Buddy Dog. I feel that today is going to be a very good day for me. It should with so much love around me - it's my Birthday! I'm the queen of my world today!

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Hope you have a very happy birthday! (from blogathon)

Thank you Kate.

I appreciate the kind sentiment.

Happy Birthday

Hope you have a fantastic birthday!

Thank you!

Thank you.


A birthday at the start of the Blogathon is a treat! Hope you're having a great day! And you're right--when you're surrounded by that much love, you can't help but have a blessed day!--Billie

Thank you.

Thank you for your kind comment!


Cindy wishing you a very happy birthday, and you are the queen of my world every day.

I love you, too, Gary!

Dear Gary,
Thank you for being the best friend, and the best brother, a girl could have!

Morning Cindy I'm a bit late

Morning Cindy I'm a bit late joining the party but hope you had a fabulous birthday with your family yesterday. Have a great week.

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