Fishy Tuesday

This is a fish. This fish was fired in a salt kiln. It was the first fish I made. It has sold.

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is your fish food safe?

Hi Cindy,

I was perusing your entire site, every nook and cranny of it :), and when I saw the image of your sold fish, I thought it would make a good aquarium ornament, with all the little fish swimming in your fish's mouth (NUM-NUM) and out the top hole. There would have to be another hole at the back, (seriously,) so the water could flow through the ornament to prevent toxic build-up in the body of the fish. Seriously! If water doesn't flow through, then the fish will hide in there and their waste will build up more quickly than in areas of free flowing water. So, to be good to the little fish, you'd have to give your fish a large rear exit.

Just a thought.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

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