Kiln with Heartburn, Exploding Yarn Bowls and Business Cards

Summary Saturday: An overview of my week May 26 - June 1, 2013.

Week's accomplishment I always learn things the hard way. Patience is the hardest to learn. This week my kiln had heartburn and destroyed 4 extra large yarn bowls and several large yarn bowls. Apparently they were still damp from the long spell of floods and rain. I had grown impatient and thought they were "dry enough".  Ha! Ha!

The extra large yarn bowls are made with 10 lbs of clay and that is not easy for me to center and throw on a wheel. I spent a couple of hours cleaning up the mess in the kiln.

I threw some replacement yarn bowls of various sizes. These I will let thoroughly dry! I'm still working out design ideas for needle vases. I'm almost of the conclusion that there will be no fast way to make these on the wheel. I’ll probably have to create a mold and make them that way. I created a batch of some glaze that I hope will be a cheerful green.

My name was in the Morganton, NC News Herald (newspaper) this past Thursday. I'm announced as one of the presenting artists at the juried Art On The Square Fine Arts show. This is in the small town I live in and I recognize only one name on the list (besides my own). That seems odd to me. But I usually have my head in or near the clay, so maybe that’s not too strange. If you don't have clay on you, I might not know you in this town.

The bigger news is that I have started to get ready for this show that happens next Saturday. I’ve finally had business cards printed up. I’ve created the artwork for price tags. I will have much to add to Monday’s list of things to do.

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Patience - it is so hard to

Patience - it is so hard to come by for artists and other creatives! Congratulations on embarking on the Blogathon and on your upcoming show.


WOW! You have some beautiful pieces! I LOVE that snowman cookie jar and the badass elephant is just incredible! Something tells me that you have a LOT Of patience! Welcome to the blogathon!

Thank you.

Thank you for the kind comments, Victoria and Julia.

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