Childhood Influences To My Art

I grew up just outside of a small village near the ocean. The holy cows in the pasture drank their water from claw foot tubs, dreams were launched to the stars, and fairy tales came true. 
I've just realized that my art strongly reflects the influences of my childhood home!
Turtle Yarn Bowl














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Spring Vegetable Garden Tags

Vegetable Garden Tags on Ebay

Vegetable Garden Tags 
Update: Feb 18, 2017: I've had one of these tiles nailed up outside on my porch for nearly a year. It looks just as good now as it looks in the photo here! I'm happy. ====

I’ve discovered a new, extra use for my color “test tiles”. These are vegetable garden tags also known as garden plant markers to keep your garden neat and beautiful. For a simple Cottage or Farm look, attach a hook or nail to a post, plant the post at the end of a garden row, and hang the vegetable garden tag on the post hook. Simple! Or if one wanted to get fancy, a wrought iron stake could even be used in a Victorian style garden with these tags tied to the stake. 

These plant markers have a very nice feel to them in the hands. These plant markers could also be used as kitchen or restaurant decoration and as windchimes.  The sound they make is similar to domino game tiles. 
I had mixed up a batch of Terra Sig, then added stains and oxides to get colors. Terra Sigillata (aka “Terra Sig” for short hand) means “sealed earth” and has been used to finish clay for thousands of years.
Once I made the Terra Sig color batches, I needed to test the colors to see if they would turn out as the colors I had anticipated.
What better way to test than on these vegetable garden tags? These garden tags are made of stoneware clay. Each tag is cut from a sheet of clay and impressed with the design and letters. When the clay was dry, I brushed on a couple of coats of Terra Sig on each plant marker. The last coat of Terra Sigillata was left to dry off the sheen, but not totally dry. At that exact moment when the sheen disappeared, the Terra Sig was burnished by hand to create a seal. 
The Terra Sigged plant markers were then bisqued fired. The last treatment was a wash of stain so that the letters would show up clearly. The stain also adds a nice weathered look to enhance the texture. Then the garden plant markers were final fired. Since these are made of stoneware clay they should be ok in most weather, but it is best to take them indoors during freezes, especially if there is water, snow or ice. Water in the crevices of the letters, rims, etc. will expand when frozen, which likely will in turn cause the vegetable garden tags to crack or break.  
Since I was thinking of color testers, I made only one set of these.  
Not all of the colors turned out the way I thought they would, but they are all lovely. And the vegetable markers are unique. Each garden plant tag is about 3.5” long (that’s about 9 to 9.5 cm), and about 2” wide (about 5 to 5.5 cm wide). 
This set of vegetable garden tags has 10 pieces. 
The vegetables listed and the colors are:
1. Squash (French Green)
2. Carrots (Ivy Green)
3. Tomato (Chartreuse)
4. Beans (Turquoise, says Dark Turquoise)
5. Onions (Beige, says Light Blue)
6. Cukes (Lavender)
7. Peas (Creamy Pale Yellow, says White)
8. Lettuce (Midnight Blue, says Dark Teal)
9. Zucchini (Yellow)
10. Peppers (Peach, says Orange)

How Big Is An Extra Large Cindy Douglass Yarn Bowl?

So I listed my XL yarn bowl. Here's what the photo looked like:

Pretty, right? But how can anyone tell what size it is? I have written the dimensions  in the listing. ( 7" high x 9" across). I tell you that it holds a one pound skein of yarn. That sounds uhm, medium size, maybe?

Yet, when people get this yarn bowl, they are usually blown away by how BIG it is. So, I came up with an idea. I'm going to show how big it is!

This Extra Large Yarn Bowl holds
5 boxes of sandwich baggies with each box holding 150 baggies.

This XL Yarn Bowl can hold seven cans of veggies.

Nine paperback books fit into this Cindy Douglass XL Yarn Bowl.

Twelve boxes fit in this yarn bowl. Ok, That's twelve 4" x 4" x 4" boxes flattened, but that counts, right? There are TWELVE of them in this bowl!

And there are 20 music CDs shown in this XL Cindy Douglass yarn bowl.

I hope this helps give you an idea of the size and dimensions of my extra large yarn bowls.
It kind of amazed me how much will fit into one of these yarn bowls!

You can find a Cindy Douglass Extra Large Yarn Bowl here.

Twisted Laurel Gallery

Here's an idea for a nice day trip this weekend: You can see some of my work at Twisted Laurel Gallery located at 221 Locust St in Spruce Pine, NC.





Happy Independence Day, America!

I hope that every American is enjoying this birthday of our nation.


Art On The Square (Morganton, NC)

Art On The Square Morganton, NC May 30th


In The News And In A New Gallery

My art was photographed at a local pottery show and the photo was placed on the front page of the news paper. I'd be more excited if my name had been mentioned! LOL!


Joara Pottery Festival Sneak Peek : Platter

This 15" platter will be at the Joara Pottery Festival in Morganton, NC.

My father was huge into computers back when people thought computers were just a sci fi story feature.

Dad wanted me to "go into computers". I fought it a very long time.

"Computer robots will do the factory jobs better than humans." Dad said with enthusiam.


Octopus Jar (Looking for Answers in A Bottle Series)

Lately, I've been going through some emotional changes. At the same time, I seem to be drawn to making clay bottles and jars. I call this phase "Looking for answers in a bottle".


I had a whole series of clay bottles made. They were really lovely. They were lost in a bag wall collapse in a recent wood kiln firing. It was sad, but I luckily I still have a lot of questions on my mind. So look for more bottles from me in the future.

One clay bottle was placed in a different part of the kiln. It survived. I am so very happy about this one!

If you are into totem animals, octopi is said to represent spirituality.

This octopus jar stands about 19 inches high. The mottling on the octopus color is an artistic blend of three different glazes. The suction sections are a creamy white with a blush of pink.

The clay bottle has been treated with oxide stains to create the impression of rust. Computer motherboard style runs adorn the jar. Industrial type hardware suggestions in clay also complement the look.

This clay bottles hints at answers in the abundant white glaze that runs from the lip of the jar.

This is a beautiful piece of ceramic art, and is available for purchase at the Seven Sisters Gallery in Black Mountain, NC.





Pottery Genealogy

The "pottery genealogy" shown here is the way I understand that pottery skills were passed down from Bernard Leach.
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