The Process of Making Mugs

Let me tell you a bit about the process of making mugs for a special order.

Background: The person wanted the names of her grandchildren on a mug for each child. Being left handed myself, I'm a little OCD about wanting to see the name or image when I hold my coffee mug. So when this wonderful lady asked for names on her new cups, I discovered that nearly half of the mugs would be left handed, and some would be in red glaze, while others would be in green glaze. It turned out that I needed a spreadsheet to keep the order on track.

Fishy Tuesday, redux

Here is another fish I’ve done. This one was fired in an electric kiln. It has about the same dimensions at the first fish. Here’s what he looks like in the red stoneware.

And below is how he looks all dressed up.










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Pottery Haiku

Wrinkled dirty hands
Coaxing clay on spinning wheel
Eternal beauty

Earl Douglass' 10 Great Reasons to Use A Cindy Douglass Yarn Bowl

Cindy Douglass Yarn BowlMy husband, Earl, doesn’t knit. He doesn’t crochet. He doesn’t even know much about pottery making.


Today is Sunday.

Today Hubby ran the riding lawn mower while I weed whacked the yard and trimmed a big bush.

Today I ran 5 loads of laundry.

Today I cleaned bedrooms and bathrooms.

Today I cooked dinner, and served it on my pottery plates.

Today Hubby ran up the invoices and shipping list for tomorrow.

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Saturday: Pottery Day

Today I loaded the kiln for a bisque firing. Hopefully this time there will be no more exploding pots. I had to spend some time rolling around on the floor to reset the cup that pulls air through the kiln from underneath. It worries me that it had moved so much. That floor is not level.

When I'm Famous

Today, after shipping out our orders, Earl and I went out to see Uncle Hamish and the Hooligans, a five member Celtic/Scottish rock band. They were really quite good and the banter was humorous and enjoyable. I particularly enjoyed their instrumental fusion rock style music. The singing seemed a bit strained once in a while. I don’t know if that is due to their schedule tearing up their voices, or if that’s normal for them. I’ll probably buy their CDs, and make a “mixed CD” of the songs I like best.

What I Go Through to Work Clay

How dedicated are you to your vocation? Before I could get to the pottery studio to work in clay, I had to handle a continuously vomiting dog (my poor fur baby!), avoid an out of control driver, and give a wide berth to live electrical wires on top of a pole about to topple.

Fishy Tuesday

This is a fish. This fish was fired in a salt kiln. It was the first fish I made. It has sold.

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Pottery To Do List This Week

List of things to do this week:

My biggest goal this week is to develop some new glaze colors. I need purple and black and they have to play nice with the glazes that I already use. I'm crossing my fingers for good results in the testing.

I plan on throwing a bunch of yarn bowls, according to my inventory needs.

If I have some time, I’ll list a few more items on my website and etsy.

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