Getting Ready For 'Art On The Square' Art Show

For the time being, I am limited to the afternoons of Tuesdays, Thursdays, and most Saturdays for studio work. My Stardust Pottery Studio schedule is a bit off kilter this week as I prepare for the art show, "Art On The Square", on Saturday, June 8th, 2013 in Morganton, NC.

To Do June 3rd - June 9th.

Monday afternoon:

  1. Load the kiln and Bisque Fire.
  2. Trim bowls on shelves? Depends on condition of the bowls.

Monday evening:

Expressions of Love

Today is Sunday, June 02, 2013. Today I thank God for my husband, my children, my friends, and my Buddy Dog. I feel that today is going to be a very good day for me. It should with so much love around me - it's my Birthday! I'm the queen of my world today!

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Kiln with Heartburn, Exploding Yarn Bowls and Business Cards

Summary Saturday: An overview of my week May 26 - June 1, 2013.

2013 Blogathon Here I Come!

The WordCount BlogathonI've joined this 2013 Blogathon today. The idea is to blog every day for the entire month of June.

Waiting for the clay to dry..

There's not a whole lot to report for this past week. Between the local flooding a few weeks ago, and the daily rain showers, it's been difficult waiting for the wet thrown clay pieces to dry enough to trim. If the weather was hot enough to run the A/C, or cold enough to run the heat, that would help dry things up, too. But alas! We've been having perfect weather temperatures, which means open windows and doors to the damp air.

Pottery Fit For An Emperor?

Once upon a time there was a Chinese potter who had a terrible time firing his kiln. First it would get too smoky, then the fire would seem to die out. On and on the troubles went. And when the firing was over, there were many ruined pieces in his kiln.

But in the middle of the mess, the potter discovered a beautiful red vase in his kiln after firing. This beautiful red had never been seen before from a firing of pots, so the potter sent the vase to his emperor as a gift.

About Cat Yarn Bowls

cat yarn bowlI'm creating a whole bunch of yarn bowls, but I haven't really sat down to make a lot of cat yarn bowls.

Accepted to the Art On The Square Art Show

I'm very excited to have has been accepted to show in the Art On The Square in Morganton, NC. Art On The Square is a juried event. I have some ideas for new pottery items that I'm excited about creating and showing. Watch for sneak peaks and more details as the date of the show gets closer.

Art On The Square will be open to the public on Saturday, June 8th, 2013 from 10 am til 6 pm. You are cordially invited to attend. I hope you'll come on out.



Salt Fired Pitcher With Stars Made Etsy Treasury

My thanks to Colbi Becky for including the handmade Salt Fired Pitcher in her Etsy treasury titled, “Shoulda been a Cowgirl”

The treasury of Colbi’s Cowgirl picks can be seen at:

Because the Etsy Treasuries are viewable for only a short period of time, I’ve included a screen shot here.

The handmade punch bowl set made Etsy's Treasury.

My thanks to Elena Burtseva for including my handmade punch bowl set in her Etsy treasury titled, “Just on my taste :))

The treasury of Elena’s great taste can be seen at:

Because the Etsy Treasuries are viewable for only a short period of time, I’ve included a screen shot here.

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