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Welcome to my Sculpture, Pottery, Clay Art, Artist, Art Gallery world. I'm Cindy Douglass, and I own Stardust Pottery.
My working art studio is located at 306-C S Main St., Drexel, NC 28619. I share space with Denise Riddle and Beth Bailey. There is a fun, small, art gallery at the front of the studio space.

My art is an homage to the men and women who take care of their families with love.

My early life was remarkable in that it followed the outlines of a common fairy tale set in a very whimsical world. I grew up just outside of a small village near the ocean. I smelled the orange blossoms on the salty ocean breeze. The holy Brahman cows in the pastures down the road drank their water from claw-foot bathtubs set in the fields. I watched from my backyard as the hopes and dreams of mankind, (as well as my name, Cindy M Douglass), were hurtled out to space in a rocket ship. And when my life was difficult and scary, I was assured by a mouse in a castle that fairytale dreams do come true.

A fairy tale is really a horror story that happens to end with a happy ending instead of death. The tale often starts with an abandonment, then progresses to abuse and/or torture, before something remarkable happens to bring about a happy ending. Despite the unoriginal plotline of my childhood, it took years of difficult emotional work to undo the mental/emotional damage. Luckily for me, I am now living “happily ever after”.

The dream psychology in my sculptures offer encouragement, hope, and happiness, often with a bit of charming chaos or disorder hinted as an underlayment. Thus, my work has layers of depth and meanings not always found in first, second, or even third glance. Sometimes I'm not even sure why I include something with the work of art. It might be that I am just drawn to it and haven't yet figured out why!
My father, who knew from my Primary school years that I was an artist, introduced me to Walt Disney's work as an artist making a viable career.  The ladies I create are inspired by Disney Princesses for I believe all women who take care of their families with love deserve to be honored as Royalty of the Heart. Maybe you are reading this now and thinking that the sacrifices you've made while loving your family are your privilege, no honoring needed. Well, I am glad you feel that way, and I honor you for that, too. Not everyone is as amazing as you.  

I also make pinwheels on occasion to honor the concept of preventing child abuse. I would like to one day find the funding, a location, and time to make a pinwheel installation art. I suspose I shall have to schedule this as a goal if I’m ever to realize this ambition. https://www.preventchildabusenc.org/get-involved/plant-a-pinwheel-garden

I'm a self-taught artist and web designer who then went to college and received my Computer Graphic Artist degree. 

My first adult foray into clay: Pharoah AkhenatenThe picture on the left shows my very first piece of clay sculpture. I’ve wanted to work in clay since the late 1980’s. At that time, I was dared to create something Egyptian looking, so I created a bust of Pharaoh Akhenaten based on a single photo from a book, back before the Internet existed. I used 125 lbs of clay stacked up, and when done, I took him to a place that made a mold of him and cast him in Hydrocal. I was also told that I should learn HOW to sculpt. *wry grin* 

Time passed. I’ve finally started my clay art business located in Drexel, NC.

I had also signed up at Western Piedmont Community College, Morganton, NC to learn the technical skills used to make durable pieces of art in their Professional Clay Crafts program. I was very lucky to be part of that program as the majority of instructors teaching there are well educated, acclaimed artists with years of experience. I've learned quite a bit over the years.

I looked for a cool business name for a long time. It seemed that other potters had taken most of the cool, cute or even radical names that I could dream up with the word “clay”. 

Finally, one day I was reminded that my name, Cindy M Douglass, is literally in stardust, courtesy of JPL and NASA’s Stardust project. I had stumbled on this project during my early web design days. At the time I also lived just 40 minutes away from NASA, so I signed up my name. Percentage wise, very few people in this world can say their name is floating out in the stardust.

When I thought about it, reaching for the stars while transforming humble clay and exploded star debris into something whimsical and useful seemed a poetic truth of my life. So Stardust Pottery is the name I choose for my clay art and pottery business.

I enjoy making creations in clay. I hope you enjoy them as well.

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Clay Education Taken and Given
Instructor Title Date
Cindy Douglass Bas Relief Face Tiles and their Surface Treatment
Triangle Potters Guild. Raleigh, NC
March 2019
Molly Lithgo Pottery Techniques: Creating From Extrusions September 2016
Ronan Peterson Design Inspirations and Surface Techniques February 2016
Jon Arsenault High Fire Pottery & Ash Glazes May 2015
Ken Sedberry Wheel-throwing  & Clay Sculpture Techniques February 2014
Liz Zlot Summerfield Craft Marketing / Craft Enterprise August - December 2013
Jenny Mastin Figurative Sculpture Class July 8-31,2013
Andrew Stephenson Pottery Classes @ WPCC 2010 through 2015.
Linda McFarling Wheel Throwing Techniques and Small Business Experiences May 2013
Melissa Cadell Clay Sculpture techniques & decorative techniques November 2012
Stanley Mace Andersen Decorative brush working techniques & Maiolica Glaze history March 2012
Lorna Meaden
& Brice Brisco
Thrown, Altered & Soda July 2011