Ceramic Buttons Round Gear Textured Look Soft Gray Lilac 2-hole (set of 3)

Item Description

This is a classic  set of 3 round buttons with a gear textured impression. The color looks gray with a soft lilac tinge. Each button has two holes for the thread. These are made for Fiber Artists and those that knit, crochet, or sew. These lovely accent ceramic buttons would make a small, unique gift for your favorite crafter. 

Each button is about 7/8 inch in width and about 1/8" in depth. Sizes of each ceramic button shown are similar but may not be exact since they are made by hand. There are subtle variations from piece to piece. 

CARE: Ceramic buttons are for use on items that are hand wash and hang dry only. Putting ceramic buttons in a machine - especially a dryer, has about the same result as pounding a ceramic vase against a metal wall. However, with normal hand care, these buttons can be enjoyed for years to come.

These buttons were formed in hand, textured, dried, then terra sigged (coated in super refined clay and buffed by hand), and stained for an aged, primitive look. Because these are made of stoneware clay for durability, they were fired to 2235ºF in a kiln for durability. The high temperatures cause the terra sigged buttons to have a lovely rustic, semi-matte look to them. 

Your purchase will gain you this card of three ( 3 ) handcrafted buttons. 

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