Mom Mother Love Heart Trinket Bowl

Item Description

Remind your Mom of your love with this sweet double heart shaped trinket bowl that is sure to please her. Made of stoneware, this trinket bowl is about  4 inches across, 3 inches deep, and about 1/2 to 3/4 inches high. This bowl can easily hold rings and earrings, or it can hold other little bits: buttons, bobbins, safety pins, bulletin board push pins, etc. The trinkets this bowl can hold is limited to only one's imagination.

The hearts represent a mothers love for her child. The back was terra sigged (super fine clay that had color added, applied and burnished). The front/top of the trinket bowl was textured and colorful shiny glazes added for a fun, joyful, feel. 

Each bowl is hand crafted individually with care and may have slight differences than the one shown. Each Mom Heart Trinket Bowl will ship in a gift box. 

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