10 Reasons to Use a Cindy Douglass Yarn Bowl

Using a Cindy Douglass yarn bowl makes your knitting or crochet project easier and more fun!

Here are ten more reasons why a Cindy Douglass yarn bowl, made at Stardust Pottery, is the choice for you.

  1. The bowl is made deliberately heavy to help prevent tipping bowl mishaps if you hit a snag when pulling the yarn from the ball. 
  2. Each hand made bowl has a wide stable base which helps prevent rolling bowls.
  3. Deep roomy bowl holds a ball of yarn with ease. The bowls have high walls to prevent the balls of yarn from popping out.
  4. The bowls come in three sizes to hold these standard yarn skein sizes:

    REGULAR size fits 50 grams / 1.76 oz skeins of yarn.
    LARGE size fits 198 grams / 7 oz / Super Saver skeins of yarn.
    EXTRA LARGE size fits 453.6 grams / 16 oz / 1 lb skeins of yarn.
  5. The cut channel in the bowl with the low hole helps promote proper tension, making yarn work easier on your hands.
  6. Each Cindy Douglass yarn bowl has extra holes in which to hold needles near your project.
  7.  Cindy Douglass yarn bowls are available in both left and right handed models.

    IMPORTANT NOTE - If a bowl is always used sitting in front of you on the table, then it really doesn't matter which way the J channel faces because the bowl can be angled, or turned, to accommodate
     you. However, if you like to use the bowl at your side, then you'll need to know which model is right for you. To know which model best suits you, decide on which side of you the bowl should sit: left or right? That's the bowl for you!
  8. Each bowl is made of stoneware for long lasting durability. This also makes your yarn bowls dishwasher safe for easy cleaning because clean yarn bowls are more fun to use.
  9. Each bowl comes in several artistic colors and various designs.
  10. Although the designs and styles may be similar, each yarn bowl is individually made. This means your bowl is a unique, one of a kind, handmade, work of art made in the USA. You can feel good about your purchase because it directly supports an American potter.

And lastly, If you use a Cindy Douglass yarn bowl, you will love it - guaranteed! Or your money back!

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