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Welcome to my sculpture, pottery, clay art, art gallery world. I'm Cindy Douglass aka Stardust Pottery. Thank you for visiting this online pottery store, StardustPottery.com .
CindyDouglassArt.com is my paintings art gallery store.

My clay art studio is located at 306-C S Main St., Drexel, NC 28619. I share space with two other artists. There is a fun, small, art gallery at the front of the studio space. Please call ahead for a time if you wish to visit.

 The dreamcore psychology of my sculptures offers encouragement, hope, and happiness, often with a bit of charming chaos or disorder hinted as an underlayment. Thus, my work has layers of depth and meanings not always found in first glance.

Sculptures are my favorite thing to create because I get to tell their stories in clay. In my mind, each has gone through a life challenge and has come out of the fire as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. If this resonants with you, then please enjoy my art!

I strive to provide you with not only fantastic art that makes your heart sing, but also a great online shopping experience. If you have questions, comments or concerns about your order or the content found within this website, please contact me and I’ll answer within 24 business hours, usually just as soon as I get my hands cleaned of clay.

Origins of name Stardust Pottery

I looked for a cool business name for a long time. It seemed that other potters had taken most of the cool, cute or even radical names that I could dream up with the word “clay”. 

Finally, one day I was reminded that my name, Cindy M Douglass, is literally in stardust, courtesy of JPL and NASA’s Stardust project. I had stumbled on this project during my early web design days. At the time I also lived just 40 minutes away from NASA, so I signed up my name. Percentage wise, very few people in this world can say their name is floating out in the stardust.

When I thought about it, reaching for the stars while transforming humble clay and exploded star debris into something whimsical and useful seemed a poetic truth of my life. So Stardust Pottery is the name I choose for my clay, art, and pottery business.

I enjoy making these creations. If you enjoy art that celebrates your love of this great adventurous experiment called "life" -warts and all- and you want original art that reflects YOUR unique style, I believe this art will speak to you. Experience this type of art here and please enjoy!

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