May 2015

In The News And In A New Gallery

My art was photographed at a local pottery show and the photo was placed on the front page of the news paper. I'd be more excited if my name had been mentioned! LOL!

Joara Pottery Festival Sneak Peek : Platter

This 15" platter will be at the Joara Pottery Festival in Morganton, NC.

My father was huge into computers back when people thought computers were just a sci fi story feature.

Dad wanted me to "go into computers". I fought it a very long time.

"Computer robots will do the factory jobs better than humans." Dad said with enthusiam.

Octopus Jar (Looking for Answers in A Bottle Series)

Lately, I've been going through some emotional changes. At the same time, I seem to be drawn to making clay bottles and jars. I call this phase "Looking for answers in a bottle".


I had a whole series of clay bottles made. They were really lovely. They were lost in a bag wall collapse in a recent wood kiln firing. It was sad, but I luckily I still have a lot of questions on my mind. So look for more bottles from me in the future.

One clay bottle was placed in a different part of the kiln. It survived. I am so very happy about this one!

If you are into totem animals, octopi is said to represent spirituality.

This octopus jar stands about 19 inches high. The mottling on the octopus color is an artistic blend of three different glazes. The suction sections are a creamy white with a blush of pink.

The clay bottle has been treated with oxide stains to create the impression of rust. Computer motherboard style runs adorn the jar. Industrial type hardware suggestions in clay also complement the look.

This clay bottles hints at answers in the abundant white glaze that runs from the lip of the jar.

This is a beautiful piece of ceramic art, and is available for purchase at the Seven Sisters Gallery in Black Mountain, NC.