July 2015

How Big Is An Extra Large Cindy Douglass Yarn Bowl?

So I listed my XL yarn bowl. Here's what the photo looked like:

Pretty, right? But how can anyone tell what size it is? I have written the dimensions  in the listing. ( 7" high x 9" across). I tell you that it holds a one pound skein of yarn. That sounds uhm, medium size, maybe?

Yet, when people get this yarn bowl, they are usually blown away by how BIG it is. So, I came up with an idea. I'm going to show how big it is!

This Extra Large Yarn Bowl holds
5 boxes of sandwich baggies with each box holding 150 baggies.

This XL Yarn Bowl can hold seven cans of veggies.

Nine paperback books fit into this Cindy Douglass XL Yarn Bowl.

Twelve boxes fit in this yarn bowl. Ok, That's twelve 4" x 4" x 4" boxes flattened, but that counts, right? There are TWELVE of them in this bowl!

And there are 20 music CDs shown in this XL Cindy Douglass yarn bowl.

I hope this helps give you an idea of the size and dimensions of my extra large yarn bowls.
It kind of amazed me how much will fit into one of these yarn bowls!

You can find a Cindy Douglass Extra Large Yarn Bowl here.

Twisted Laurel Gallery

Here's an idea for a nice day trip this weekend: You can see some of my work at Twisted Laurel Gallery located at 221 Locust St in Spruce Pine, NC.




Happy Independence Day, America!

I hope that every American is enjoying this birthday of our nation.