About Cat Yarn Bowls

cat yarn bowlI'm creating a whole bunch of yarn bowls, but I haven't really sat down to make a lot of cat yarn bowls.

I thought they'd be fairly easy to make, but I was be mistaken. Not counting the time to make the actual bowls, cat yarn bowls take me at least an hour to create.  Compare that to my 3 sheep an hour, versus 7 minutes on the non decorated yarn bowls. The price on the cat yarn bowls are going to have to reflect the extra time.

Since I'm not sure yet if there would be a demand for my cat yarn bowls at the extra fee price, I've put off making them in mass.

However, as you can see, I am in the process of making a cat yarn bowl. These bowls are currently in the bisque fire. (Bisquing a clay piece is much like turning the clay into the consistency of a bone. That will allow me to handle the pieces and add glaze, after which, it will be fired a second time.) This is a special piece, designed to look like Lucy. Who's Lucy? Lucy is Wendy's sealpoint Ragdoll kitty. As of yet, it doesn't have the blue eye color, etc. The black and white colors on the raw red clay are a white slip and black underglaze. When the piece is completed, I'll post a nice photo of it here in my blog and in my portfolio.

Look for a review of my Cindy Douglass Yarn Bowl, featuring Lucy the cat, on Wendy's blog, WendyKnits.net. I'm crossing my fingers that Wendy will be pleased and excited about using her new yarn bowl.

----May 4th, 2013 Update.

Well, I meant to take a photo of the cool looking Lucy the Cat yarn bowl. I remembered that intention only AFTER I'd packed the bowl for shipping. This box ships on Monday, so maybe Wendy will feel like taking a photo of her new yarn bowl when she gets it.