Creatively Speaking About Pottery by Walker Thornton

Today I have two guest posts by two wonderfully interesting people who enjoy pottery, Walker Thornton and Ann Bennett. Both are members with me in the Blogathon 2013.
This guest post is written by Walker Thornton.

Walker Thornton Pottery PiecesWe are all creative in some way—whether we can recognize or acknowledge it.

I know my writing counts as a creative endeavor. I’m also a baker and a needlepointer—both of those things involve some level of creativity either in how I envision a color, come up with a particular food combination or find a new stitch for a design. Creativity is about tapping into the playful, intuitive side of me—finding inspiration or experiencing a sensory delight that moves me in a certain way.

I’ve dreamed of becoming a potter, but it’s just one more thing that would compete for precious time. So, I’m content to buy pottery when it speaks to me. When Cindy and I agreed to swap posts for this particular day’s ‘assignment’ in the Wordcount Blogathon she asked me to find some way to connect my readers, over 50 women, through pottery.

So, let me share with you the way I’ve taken my pottery and used it creatively. I have pottery from various parts of the country and the world—a year’s stay in New Zealand ended with us shipping pieces of pottery back to Virginia. I have fond memories associated with my blue pitcher and the matching serving tray.

Some of my favorite pieces are small little bowls and shaped flat pieces made by a friend and potter here in Virginia. They feature a soft green glaze with small white dots that have been attached on the outside. I love these little bowls. And, I use them in my work.  It’s how I justify each purchase.

I’m a freelance writer. Pottery adorns my desk, my dresser and all my various living and working spaces. If I were a serious knitter I’d be contemplating one of Cindy’s beautiful earthy yarn bowls.

One small bowl, unglazed on the outside and a rich blue inside holds magnetic words. I make poems or bits of sentences on a magnet board and on the refrigerator when the mood strikes. I have a delicate fluted bowl that holds paper clips and rubber bands. Its companion holds fortune cookie fortunes—I keep thinking I’ll do something with them, what I don’t know. My pencils are in a pottery piece that was designed for some sort of food or liquid—it has a cut out area for a spoon. I’ve long since lost its lid.

Pottery has a natural beauty that speaks to me, making it the ideal medium for my creative space. I love being surrounded by soft colors.  I can always justify the addition of another piece to my collection; there are always bits and pieces of paper, items, and lost and found trinkets that need a gorgeous home. The connection between the beauty of these items and my work is all about the creative process. I want to be inspired by the sight and the feel of these lovely little pieces. My little bowls and pieces are visually as well as sensually beautiful. They make me happy. And, after all isn’t that what we’re striving for in creative expression?

Walker Thornton is a freelance writer, with an emphasis on older women. She writes and blogs about aging, sexuality, women’s health, caregiving and other issues. You can find her at her blog (, Twitter ( ) and on Facebook ( )