Developing a Numbered Tile - Step 1: Math and Proportion

So I thought I'd create some house numbers. By developing these numbers from an idea in my head rather than from a premade font, these numbers will reflect the style I create. This will give you a lovely way to create unique beauty and interest in your doorways, mailboxes and other areas.
This and future posts will demonstate some of the basics I went through while developing the concept for these numbered tiles.

House Number Tiles - Math and ProportionsSo I've decided that I wanted the number tiles to be about 5 inches tall and about 3.75 inches across. That felt like a good size with nice proportions and the tiles could be used vertically or horizontally. To add a bit of modern interest, I've decided to bevel the edges of each tile, rather than make the ho-hum "picture frame" commonly found.
Because I work in clay, and clay shrinks, I had to do a bit of math to accommodate the shrinkage.

If you want to know how I did the math, you can follow along by using the formula on this Pottery Algebra Tee Shirt
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