Developing a Numbered Tile - Step 5: Creating the Tile Base

creating the tile base
For consistency sake, to tie all of the numbers together, I wanted the same tile base behind every number. So I rolled out some clay and made my design impressions, then cut the tile to size. I had planned in step 1 to bevel the edges of my tiles. My first attempt at beveling the edges left the bottom outside edge too thin. From that try, I knew I needed to leave some clay at the bottom edge. I used a paint stirring stick as my base to run the beveler over. It worked like a dream!

Now, I'm not great at getting things to look exactly the same every time I create it. I'd have to be a machine to do that! So once the base tile was created, I poured some plaster over it. Shown below is the mold of the original base tile..It's not very pretty, but it IS very functional, and that's beautiful!

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