Developing A Numbered Tile - Step 6: Finish The Process

So here's how I finish the process of making tile molds.  
Up till now, I've got the base of the tiles made and had created a mold of it. 
I roll out some clay, and lay out my foam template numbers onto the clay. I cut out the numbers and score and slip a number to a base tile.
Numbers cut from clay and placed onto base template of the tile.
If you look carefully at the image of the number 2, you'll see the slip before I've cleaned it off the base near the edge of the number two. 

So now that I have this model, I next make a mold of it. I make eleven molds in total. One base mold which is used to pull ten base tiles, and each of the base tiles get a number adhered onto it, and a mold created of that number. 

Original trashed, but mold of tile number 2 is fine.After the mold is made, the model tile is trashed because it has too much plaster. Plaster blows up claywork in a kiln because it expands at different temperatures than the clay. Because of this, it is best to be very careful about not reusing clay with plaster on or in it. 

The mold is completed, and will be cleaned up, having air bubbles and undercuts addressed before pulling tiles from it. Air bubbles will have plaster added and sanded, and undercuts will be cut away with an Exacto knife from the plaster mold. Edges are rasped rounded and smooth. 

There are many steps to bringing an idea from start to finish. Thank you for following along. I'll be posting these number tiles soon. Add yourself to my email newsletter list if you would like to see the finished results when they come out of the kiln. 

Thanks for following along! 


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