Earl Douglass' 10 Great Reasons to Use A Cindy Douglass Yarn Bowl

Cindy Douglass Yarn BowlMy husband, Earl, doesn’t knit. He doesn’t crochet. He doesn’t even know much about pottery making. While we were packing up orders to ship out, he saw an advertisement of my yarn bowls that directed people to a website to see 10 Great Reasons to Use A Cindy Douglass Yarn Bowl.

Since Earl did not have the reasons in front of him, he decided to amuse us with his reasons.

Here are Earl Douglass’ 10 reasons that make Cindy Douglass Yarn Bowls so great.

  1. They aren’t sucky.
  2. They really are not sucky.
  3. They really, really are not sucky.

    Me: Come on Earl, that’s a little repetitious.
  4. They have these two holes that are pretty cool. I don’t know what they do, but they look cool.

    Me: Those two holes are meant to hold the needles/hooks.
    Earl: Why don’t they just jam the needles into the yarn ball?
    Me: Well, they could, but the holes make the yarn bowls look cool.
    Earl: Hey! I said that! 

  5. The more Cindy makes, the better the shape of the bowl gets.

    Me, said wryly: Thanks honey.
  6. They have different colors.
  7. They hold yarn.

    Me: Uhm, Earl? I think most everyone can figure out that a yarn bowl holds yarn.
  8. They really are pretty good.
  9. They really hold the yarn very well.

    Me: I think you are struggling there, bucko. What can you say about these yarn bowls with passion?

    Long pause, then Earl exclaimed with a proud and happy smile:
  10. Cindy is the love of my life and she made these yarn bowls. That makes them wonderful!