A Favorite Potter - Andrew Stephenson

It’s Admiration Thursday! Today I will write a bit about one of my favorite potters, Andrew Stephenson of Andrew Stephenson Pottery.

If you like my pottery, you’ll see the underlying form sometimes resembles Andrew’s work. That’s because Andrew has been my pottery instructor for several years in the evening classes I attend. It is bound to happen that he has influenced my work!

Born in Birmingham, England, Andrew Stephenson’s major influences are the folk pottery of Great Britain and the salt glaze pottery of North Carolina. His shapes in the clay have the fluidity of beautiful poetry; yet, his pottery feels accessible and reliable. Fittingly enough for folk pottery, Andrew’s handcrafted pottery pair well with comfortable settings in which friends would gather.

Andrew leans heavily on the traditions of the old time potters. He makes his own clay and glazes, he turns the clay on a wheel, he glazes the clay raw (meaning the piece he glazes is greenware, not bisque fired first), and he fires his pots in a wood kiln with salt glaze. The wood firing adds interesting visuals to his pottery in the form of ‘flame flashing’, visual coloring/marks left on the piece from the fire.

You can see more of his pottery if you travel along Hwy 64 / 74A about 8 miles east of Lake Lure. Andrew often has his pottery setting beside the highway on summer and autumn weekends, hoping to attract some of the Lake Lure traffic to his pottery sale.

He also holds a holiday kiln opening around the first weekend in December.

Andrew Stephenson Pottery
121 Middle Oaks Drive
Rutherfordton, NC 28139

Website: http://ajspottery.com
Images of his work: http://ajspottery.com/potterypop1.html