Feedback Friday

This Extra Large Yarn Bowl has a new home!Here's some of the feedback I received this week on my pottery yarn bowls.

Sue, of Crochet Addict UK is musing a purchase of a pottery bowl.

Sue has included one of my yarn bowls in her short list of “beautiful bowls”. There are many makers of yarn bowls, but only a few made her list. I'm very honored to have my bowl included.

My favorite feedback this week is from a gentleman who knits. I'm not sure if you could read the blog even if I posted the link, since the group is private. However, he wrote, “My new yarn bowl arrived from Cindy...and it's MAGNIFICENT!”

This gentleman had waited some time for his extra large yarn bowl. The great size makes the drying time longer than usual, and then our town had so much rain that the river flooded. And even after the rain stopped, the air was humid. The temperature stayed moderate for about a week, so there was no a/c, no heater running to dry things up a bit. Then it started raining again every afternoon. It seemed to have taken that bowl almost 3 months to dry. It’s littermates exploded in the kiln, telling me in no uncertain terms that they certainly were not dry enough.

I’ve already started the replacements, but getting such nice feedback made the effort so worthwhile!