Getting Ready For 'Art On The Square' Art Show

For the time being, I am limited to the afternoons of Tuesdays, Thursdays, and most Saturdays for studio work. My Stardust Pottery Studio schedule is a bit off kilter this week as I prepare for the art show, "Art On The Square", on Saturday, June 8th, 2013 in Morganton, NC.

To Do June 3rd - June 9th.

Monday afternoon:

  1. Load the kiln and Bisque Fire.
  2. Trim bowls on shelves? Depends on condition of the bowls.

Monday evening:

  1. Make Tent Sign 69" long by 8" high.
  2. Make / have printed poster
  3. Make / have printed brochure
  4. Print up wholesale List
  5. Photograph the recent kiln offerings
  6. Invoice the clients with custom orders from this week's batch of finished pottery


  1. Pick up printed materials from printer.
  2. Glaze the bisqueware.
  3. Run a glaze fire in kiln.
  4. Throw 12 regular sized yarn bowls OR Trim bowls on shelves. OR some combination of both. Depends on the condition of the bowls.

Tuesday evening:

  1. Pack up the paid orders for shipment.

Wednesday late afternoon/ early evening

  1. Pick up printed materials.
  2. Buy new drapes for tent.
  3. Buy some tubs to carry my pottery around.
  4. Get the stuff from the kiln and bring it home to clean up for the show.
  5. Follow my online marketing plan : write and email newsletter, etc.


  1. Set up Tables and decide on layout.
  2. Decide on which pieces go to the show.
  3. Clean and pack up pottery for show
  4. Go through my Show list of things to have to ensure it is all together.

Friday evening:

  1. Load my friend's vehicle with show stuff. (I don't have a van, yet!)
  2. Follow my online marketing plan.


  1. Art Show Time! Art On The Square in Morganton, NC. I still don't have the final info yet, so am assuming a 7am load in to the spaces.

Saturday night:

  1. Social time with friends. I hope it is a celebration!

Sunday Afternoon (Special event):

  1. Videotaping! (It's a surprise.)

As you can see, there's not a lot of actual pottery work scheduled for this week. Hopefully, next week I'll have good reason to seriously muck about in the clay. *grin* I mean, hopefully I'll have orders to fill from the show!