A Goat Yarn Bowl

I recently was asked to make a yarn bowl with a goat on it. I thought that was a good idea, (please click READ MORE below) so I agreed to make one.

In the past, I had been creating/sculpting each animal by hand. Each one would take me as long as an hour to sculpt. That time was spent just sculpting, and did not include making the bowl on the wheel, trimming, altering, glazing and other sundry operations I perform on each bowl. Nor did that include time spent photographing and digitizing each individual bowl for a listing.

Since I'm attempting to make a living at this, I needed a better, faster, more streamlined process. Yet, I wanted each bowl to be personalized and unique.

Plaster to the rescue!

Now, when I want an animal design for my yarn bowls, I create a master in clay, and make a shallow mold of it's body (aka, sprig mold). I then give each critter personality by hand drawing in the face on the yarn bowl for most of the animals, and all of their legs and feet. Sometimes I'll even add extra little touches to the body section when I apply it to the yarn bowl.

I believe this method will allow me to offer a more uniform look to each line. That is a plus because people want to see what they are buying, and they'll have a very good idea of what to expect from a yarn bowl when I show an image of one in that series. This also saves me from hours of photography and photo editing (cropping, sizing, etc.) and gives me more time to make new items. Yet, this method also still allows each bowl's individuality to shine, part of the reason for purchasing handmade works of art.