Great Decorating Tips in This Redfin Article


Julia Weaver gathered some great decorating tips from several artists, including myself, and created an article called, “How to Decorate Your Home with Meaningful Handmade Decor”.

Weaver wrote:

 Whether you recently bought a home in Toronto, ON, or a townhouse in Nashville, TN – it can often feel intimidating decorating your home, with the countless decor options to choose from. Sometimes when it’s all said and done, if the pieces you chose don’t reflect your personality and your style is absent from the space, your house can feel unfamiliar. 

 Bringing meaningful handmade home decor into a space is what distinguishes a house from a home. Handmade items and decor – whether it’s created by an artisan or by yourself, can really transform a space. Redfin asked some of their favorite creators for their unique ideas on how to enrich your home’s interior with handmade home decor bring happiness and personality to create a space that means so much more. 

Read more and see what I and other artists' had to say about art in a home at:

How to Decorate Your Home with Meaningful Handmade Decor