Happy Birthday to Me!

Here it is almost 6 weeks from the day the old washing machine died. I decided I wanted a "clean looking" laundry area for the new washing machine. Silly me. Construction means MY LIFE is put on hold. 
The first candidate promised me the world and agreed on a price and start date. He ended up being a no total washout as no show, no call.
So I found another guy. Same price as the first. Turns out this one kept his word and is great about communicating. His name is Kenneth Hammonds and he is quite meticulous. 
Remember the saying? Good, economical, fast. Pick two out of three. I've gotten my two and although I chomp at the bit to have this job done, I'm pleased with my choice. Ken's finished work is looking lovely. 

Meanwhile, on the times I can get away during the week, I race to the studio to get some more time in on the Angel Boxes. I've got a collection of them formed and drying, and have started on the sets of Three Sisters (Pinwheels). I hope to have everything done by Friday Jun 22. Whew! Big job, long hours, hope I can kick this chest cold.