Juggling Jobs, Pots and Blogs

Candle Holder. A little something I made. It is said that if you want to get something done, have it done by a busy person. The theory seems to be that the busy person rises to the challenge and is able to juggle a lot of balls in the air at the same time.

I consider myself a busy person. I'm juggling as fast as I can to keep two businesses running, a household together, and a husband and dog content.

For some reason, I thought the structure of a Blogathon 2013 would put me into the habit of writing daily in my new blog at Stardust Pottery. This seemed like a very good idea at the time.

Then I discovered that participant bloggers were requested to swap a post for a day. Oh! Ok, I didn’t know anyone, but asked to see if anyone wanted to swap posts.

I posted. No takers on my general post. I asked a person directly. Turned down. I asked a second person. No answer. I wanted to line someone up before I left the office for my studio time because I was afraid I’d forget to accomplish that task if I put it off.

The third person I asked had agreed to swap posts with me via emails. Good deal! Everything was set in my mind. I wrote a blog post, and sent photos yesterday. All set, I thought.

So guess what happened? I discovered, two days before the event, that I have a date with two bloggers to swap posts for the same day. Apparently I’ve been too busy with my eye on the balls in the air to notice that I had a situation under my nose. I should have canceled my first request when I had no direct answer, because I now have a thoughtfully written blog post by the non direct responding blogger. Ooops.

This is going to be interesting. I'm not sure what the proper etiquette is in a situation like this. I think it is a little late for me to beg off. If someone begged off from an event like this with me at this late date, I’d be a little miffed at the rudeness.

So now I'm scheduling time to write a second cross blog article. Am not sure yet what that article will be, but I'm an artist. I should be able to perform under pressure, right?

Ack! Where is that muse?

List of MUST DO things this week:

  1. Write another guest post blog
  2. Sculpt two cat sprigs
  3. Start the custom orders list
  4. Make list of ingredients for purple glaze. Do I have enough ingredients?
  5. Trim yarn bowls