Saturday Summary: Too much writing, not enough pottery making!

Walker Thornton and Ann Bennett wrote beautiful guest posts this past Wednesday. I greatly enjoyed reading their articles. Each brought a fresh perspective to the act of collecting pottery.

I also thank you, those of you who helped to make the WordCount Blogathon 2013 guest posting successful. Taking the time to read our posts and give your kind comments were greatly appreciated by all three of us. 

For me, this week has been spent mainly writing and catching up after last weekend's show. I still feel behind.

I have many pottery items to photograph, catalog, and list online on my website, etsy and ebay.
I've only gotten a few pottery pieces photographed and listed online.
I have a custom orders from the show to fulfill.
I have custom orders from regular clients to make.
I only created a double handful of yarn bowls this week.


I hope to feel more caught up by next week.
I also need to remember to slow down my heartbeat and have a bit of fun with this pottery making gig. As a dear friend proclaims, “It’s all good!”