Saturday Summary

This week feels like it was pretty productive. Maybe I feel that way because I unloaded a kiln. To see actual items that were once just ideas is pretty exciting.
Photos coming to the store soon!

In this kiln load I have a large yarn bowl with an alpaca on it. This is a new custom decor that I’ve developed for my line of yarn bowls. I think the alpaca came out extremely well. I'm hoping that it will be as popular as the sheep.

The rainbow yarn bowl test came out well this time. I'm pleased with the rainbow colors. I also like the beige glaze as a backdrop to the rainbow. It seems to set it off well. I already have an order for a Large yarn bowl with a rainbow on it, so this design is off to a good start.

The glaze color tests for purple and black were somewhat disappointing. The purples came out blue, and the black came out a muddy brown.

I used manganese dioxide (which I had on the shelf) instead of manganese carbonate (which I don’t have). I thought the dioxide was supposed to be a bit stronger than the carbonate. Apparently, I thought wrong. The recipe called for 5% manganese carbonate, so I tried 1%, 2% and 3% manganese dioxide. Since I did not like my results, I suppose I’ll have to buy some manganese carbonate.

I have a good-sized set of pasta dishes drying. They’ll be the next project through the kiln. I’ve been saving the remaining red glaze for those dishes. After I run that batch, I’ll have to make a new batch of red glaze, and a new batch of beige glaze. It is always scary to mix up a new batch. The ingredients are dug out of the earth and may not be the exact same chemical composition as the glaze batch I liked.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it for this week.