Waiting for the clay to dry..

There's not a whole lot to report for this past week. Between the local flooding a few weeks ago, and the daily rain showers, it's been difficult waiting for the wet thrown clay pieces to dry enough to trim. If the weather was hot enough to run the A/C, or cold enough to run the heat, that would help dry things up, too. But alas! We've been having perfect weather temperatures, which means open windows and doors to the damp air.

Wet clay that goes into the kiln tends to explode. So since I'm out of storage rack room for more wet pots, I wait, and busy myself making up glazes, and dreaming up new pottery pieces for the yarn artists.

I was over on Ravelry and a person posted about using 3 strands of yarn. That reminded me: I wanted to try making some two and three bowl yarn bowls. I wonder who I can get to test them out?

This in turns reminds me that I need to visit my local yarn shop to see and measure knitting needles for my other new  project, needle vases. Maybe if I give the owner a new yarn bowl she'll let me measure the needles without purchasing them!

I suppose if I get too bored while waiting on the clay to dry, I could start reclaim some of the clay slop.

Yarn store it is...