What I Go Through to Work Clay

How dedicated are you to your vocation? Before I could get to the pottery studio to work in clay, I had to handle a continuously vomiting dog (my poor fur baby!), avoid an out of control driver, and give a wide berth to live electrical wires on top of a pole about to topple.

Hubby and I made a trip with Buddy Dog to the emergency vet’s office four towns away from us, and managed to get home at 4:30 in the am. Buddy Dog appears to be getting better, so I'm pleased about that.

Today I was on my way to the pottery studio, and saw the results of an out of control driver accident. The  driver was in a pickup truck, spilled his drink, looked down and swerved into oncoming traffic. The oncoming traffic was able to get out of the way only by a fast swerve, which caused the car to fly over two ditches. The out of control driver jerked his truck into a wooden electrical pole. Luckily, everyone was able stand after the accident.

The electrical workers are so brave! Notice that the clamp of the bucket had not yet gotten a grip on the pole. That pole was hanging by live wires while the electrical worker stood on top of the pickup truck working.

Once in the pottery studio, I took a deep breath of relief. Safe! I made it!

Today threw a bunch of pasta bowls. Hopefully I’ll find eight good matching ones to make a nice set. If not, I’ll have to try again when I'm feeling a bit calmer in the world.