When I'm Famous

Today, after shipping out our orders, Earl and I went out to see Uncle Hamish and the Hooligans, a five member Celtic/Scottish rock band. They were really quite good and the banter was humorous and enjoyable. I particularly enjoyed their instrumental fusion rock style music. The singing seemed a bit strained once in a while. I don’t know if that is due to their schedule tearing up their voices, or if that’s normal for them. I’ll probably buy their CDs, and make a “mixed CD” of the songs I like best. Even with the singing, I'm kind of partial to the song, "When I'm Famous".

My dog must be better. He seems to think he should be eating more, and is fairly energetic about telling me so. I’ll leave off his medicine tonight to see how he does. I hope I can get some sleep.

Today, all of the yarn bowl orders are drying. Maybe I'll be lucky and they will be dry enough for their first kiln firing tomorrow.

Tonight my husband brought me some potential sites into which I might consider expanding. There's one that seems pretty interesting. Maybe I'll go look at it.