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Fishy Tuesday

This is a fish. This fish was fired in a salt kiln. It was the first fish I made. It has sold.

John Britt the Potter's Clay Feet

John Britt Oil spot BowlI first ran across John Britt in one of his Youtube videos years ago, back when I began learning how to make pottery. At first I wasn’t too sure I was going to like him. He had an odd sounding voice.

Creatively Speaking About Pottery by Walker Thornton

Today I have two guest posts by two wonderfully interesting people who enjoy pottery, Walker Thornton and Ann Bennett. Both are members with me in the Blogathon 2013.
This guest post is written by Walker Thornton.

Pottery Fit For An Emperor?

Once upon a time there was a Chinese potter who had a terrible time firing his kiln. First it would get too smoky, then the fire would seem to die out. On and on the troubles went. And when the firing was over, there were many ruined pieces in his kiln.

But in the middle of the mess, the potter discovered a beautiful red vase in his kiln after firing. This beautiful red had never been seen before from a firing of pots, so the potter sent the vase to his emperor as a gift.