Classes, Demos, Workshops


I am available for group demonstrations to intermediate level potters (approximately 2-3 hours per Topic), and/or up to 7 hours for a group demonstration with workshop. (Choose this one to give the techniques a try while I'm there to help you succeed.)
Please contact me, Cindy Douglass, here:

Topics include:

1. How to make a functional ceramic yarn bowl (Know when to break “the rules”.)
Discussion includes: What requirements do knitters and crocheters have to make a ceramic yarn bowl functional? And how can we achieve a functional yarn bowl?
Will also cover: 
a.) How to throw a yarn bowl on the wheel
b.) How to almost never, ever, see another S-crack 
c.) Yarn bowl trimming & altering
d.) Discover a special tool that will make an even cut for the yarn channel
e.) Decorating the pot with appliqués, underglaze, glaze and wax resist.

2. Making a Christmas ornament (Combining decorating techniques).
Information includes:
a.) How to throw a Christmas ornament on the wheel. (includes chuck making)
b.) Color with color slip
c.) Sgraffito
d.) Slip Trailing
e.) Terra Sigillata
f.) Staining
g.) Crawling Glaze

Children's Classes In Clay ($20 per class) 

I now have limited openings for ages 6-11 years old for the Children's Clay Class on Tuesdays, at 12 noon. Located in the Denise Riddle Arts building, 306-C S Main St, Drexel, NC 28619. 

Children learn the building block techniques of clay construction (engineering and/or anatomy skill set),
the various types of clay bodies (geology skill set),
some elemental science of glazes and clay bodies (chemistry skill set),
introductory fun math in pottery (from fractions for slab thickness to basic algebra for proportions to geometry for shapes skill set)
and of course, they learn about ceramic art (confidence, decision making and terminology skill sets). 

The children have a lot of fun while learning and working on their [mainly] self-directed art projects. Self-directed means that they can choose a project that interests them. Each child has their favorite interests. One enjoys ocean creatures, another enjoys horses, etc., but they all learn the same techniques, etc.

Children's Classes In Painting ($20 per class and the child will need a sketchbook) 

This is a very popular class and seats are extremely limited. Only the children with the best potential and the most interested in creating art will be allowed in. If you would like to have your child attend, please contact me for an introductory class to see if your child fits this program.
I now have limited openings for ages 6-11 years old for the Children's Painting Class on Tuesdays, at 12 noon or Wednesdays at 12 noon.
Sign up now for the 2018 Autumn class. 

I Located in the Denise Riddle Arts building, 306-C S Main St, Drexel, NC 28619.