Wholesale Yarn Bowls

Cindy Douglass yarn bowls wholesale purchases can be made by businesses who understand that handcrafted ware is individual and unique. The unique differences of each piece is what sets artistic handcrafted ware apart from factory made.

If you set a dozen of the "same" handcrafted yarn bowls together, they will be instantly recognizable as belonging to a set. However, each piece will have variations from their siblings. Handcrafted items often have some variances in sizes, heights, shapes, colors, etc. That's part of the charm and lure of hand made pottery.

Miminum purchase is only four pieces. For a copy of Stardust Pottery yarn bowls wholesale price list, please make your request through the contact form. Please include your brick and mortar storefront business information. Regretably, requests for wholesale pricing without your storefront business information will not be honored. 

Thank you for your understanding.