Finned Dish, Change Catcher, Soap Dish, Trinket Tray, Catchall Dish, Whatnots Holder, DooDad Palver, Coin Tray



This lovely one of a kind finned dish features ocean inspired colors with a fish fin and an abstract harpoon float, making this perfect for your ocean fisherman or just an artistic touch for a beach themed home. This tray can be used for a multiple of purposes around the house. Some uses include holding soap and lotion bottles, keys and spare change, hair accessories, etc. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and the size of the tray. 

Talking about size, the inside dimensions are a generous 5” long by 2.5” wide.
The overall size is about 6.75” long, 3.25” wide, and almost 3” tall.

Due to the metal in the nails, this dish is NOT microwave safe and should be hand washed with care. Made of stoneware clay and metal nails, the colors include teal and turquoise, with hints of blues (electric and light blue) and touches of violet and red and white.
I’ve only made one of these, so if you need this for your home or a gift, you may want to grab it now!