Large Tea Mug with Cover Lid Handmade Ceramic Tea Bag Holder 16 oz 2 cups



Well, here's a version of a tea bag mug where the wet tea bag won't dribble on you when you lift the mug to your mouth to drink your tea. 
The small "plate" that comes with the tea mug does double duty as first a cover to keep your tea hot while it steeps. And then the plate cover can be flipped over and used to hold the wet tea bag. 
This large ceramic mug was made of stoneware clay on a pottery wheel, then fired in a kiln to 2236ºF. It holds 16 oz or about 2 cups of liquid. It stands about 4.25" high x 4" across. 

Technically, with a low (less than 1%) absorption rate, this mug should be be fine in both the dishwasher and a microwave. But please use common sense. If the mug handle is too hot to handle from the microwave, for your safety's sake, please do NOT use it again in the microwave! 

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