Square Neck Jar Vase handmade ceramic clay wheel thrown altered handbuilt



This unusual and adorable four and a half inch tall jar has textures along with simple lines. It was made on the potter's wheel, then altered and handbuilt. It has the rounded foot, belly, and neck of a wheel thrown pot, but the shoulders are an interesting square / pyramid shape. Put a rubber or cork stopper in it and it is a jar or leave it plain and use it as a small vase. Only two of these were made so far as an experiment in design. This is one of them.
The color is white, dark blue and a dusty blue / teal. The finish is glossy. This piece feels good in the hand. The bottom edge has a slight imperfection. 
This square neck jar would look good in nearly room, but the artist thinks this would look especially charming in rooms with contemporary ceramic arts and ocean themed colors. 

Size is approximately 4-1/2" tall and 2-7/8" wide.