Three Sisters Pinwheels Ceramic Tabletop Sculptures

Three Sisters - Ceramic Pinwheel Sculptures Tabletop



Do you remember the joy of playing with pinwheels as a child?

This set of tabletop pinwheel sculptures called the Three Sisters is made of clay and fired in a kiln. The pinwheels were hand formed, textured and terra sigged. Terra sigillata is a super refined clay that has color oxides added. The terra sigillata is then painted onto bone dry clay and burnished. Additional glaze and color treatments have also been added. The clay was fired in a kiln. The pinwheels are attached to a wheel thrown ceramic pinwheel stand with stainless steel carriage bolts and they do turn when moved with a finger. 
These Three Sisters look great as a mantel decor, or as embellishments to your indoor plants. Additionally, the set could be separated and each sibling or close friend gifted with a pinwheel!

The tallest piece stands about 12" tall, and the shortest stands about 10" tall. 
Three pinwheels sold as one set. Free Shipping in the USA.